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HELLO!!! Welcome to Dr. Kalyan's personal website. Dr. Kalyan's second novel, Pirates of Bollywood, is set for release on 1st January, 2015. Until then, the novel will be available for pre-order on Apple, IBooks, Barnes and Noble and Cobo. You may place your pre-order of the book for 1.99 USD, at half the release price.

Pirates of Bollywood

Pirates of Bollywood: A Tale of Piracy and Conspiracy

Pirates of Bollywood: A Tale of Piracy and Conspiracy

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Kalyan Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan runs the largest new age IP Firm, BananaIP Counsels, headquartered at Bangalore, India. In addition to helping clients maximize business value from their intellectual assets, Kalyan also consults for United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), and teaches at premier institutions such as National Law School of India University, Bangalore, and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Read More »


"This 164 page IP law thriller has all the hallmarks of a winner; ...It's an engrossing read which I read in one sitting -- I just couldn't put it down."

- Dr. Caroline Ncube