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Dr. Kalyan is a storyteller and scribbler from Bangalore, India. He writes legal thrillers, crime mysteries and short stories. All his novels have blind protagonists and are well researched.

Professionally, Dr. Kalyan is an Intellectual Property Attorney. He works extensively with technology driven companies, film/music production houses and creative upstarts. Dr. Kalyan also teaches at premier institutes such as IIM, Bangalore and NLSIU, Bangalore. He earlier served as the national expert on IP for United Nations Industrial Development Organization, and was the member of animal ethics committee of Astra Zeneca.


Select Reviews of Dr. Kalyan’s Novels
” … There is suspense, violence, heroism, love, social commitment, humanism, poverty, law, legal analysis, arguments and much more in this novel which makes it a pleasurable reading. The novel has professional value which recommends itself to be read by lawmen (law teachers, law students and advocates) and entertainment value which recommends itself to be read by all.”
Professor CS Patil, Director, KSLU, Writing in Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law (For Pirates of Bollywood)

“A blind lawyer, a virus outbreak, a dog that dreams and a patent infringement case. Dr. Kalyan Kankanala’s debut fiction, Road Humps and Sidewalks: The Path less travelled is an engrossing fast-paced legal thriller”
Deepa Padmanabhan, The Hindu (For Road Humps and Sidewalks)

“But one thing is sure you simply can’t take a coffee break while enjoying the read-more addictive than caffeine! …”
– Jayashree Roy, Renowned Book Reviewer (For Pirates of Bollywood)

“Finished it in one sitting. Just couldn’t put it down. This… IP law thriller has all the hallmarks of a winner; corporate espionage, attempted kidnapping, foiled hits, court room romance, a corrupt Chief Justice and a David v Goliath battle over patents for a life-saving drug.”
– Dr. Caroline Ncube, IP KAT (For Road Humps and Sidewalks).

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