Book Review: “The Oath” by Professor CS Patil, Dean and Vice Chancellor (Acting), Karnataka State Law University



“The Oath” by Dr.Kalyan C. Kankanala is unique, pitching a battle between eagles of legal profession to ascertain the sustainability of the conduct of a medical professional pursued according to the professional injunction of that profession. The pleasurable end in acquittal of Dr.Krishnaiah depicts triumph of the conscientious conduct of a professional in keeping with the injunctions his profession.

“ The Oath’ is unique in alternating between two periods of the main character Dr.Krishnaiah- his childhood and adolescence on one hand and the professional life on the other, which sustains the curiosity of the reader in the story that unfolds. It feels like swinging between different times. The character of Dr.Krishnaiah is painted in varying shades, from that of a committed professional who gets entangled with naxalites; a devout lover who subordinates his own interest to that of his lower middle class parents who sacrificed everything for his education; an accused who is presumed to be innocent by the court but who feels that he is involved in inexcusable crimes after listening to the submissions of the prosecutor; and more.

The affectionate interpersonal relations are delicately expressed through dialogues and gestures with appropriate emotions. It has a special appeal to those who had the privilege of growing in the country side as the reader invariably relates himself with the characters. The prologue prepares the reader for the worst and the epilogue presents him the best. It is a good work that introduces the reader to the basics of criminal law principles and process for which it must be read by law and lay persons alike.

– Prof.C.S.Patil,

Vice Chancellor (Actg.) and Dean, Karnataka State Law University, Hubballi.

Note from the Author

I consider it a privilege to receive a review from Professor CS Patil, a renowned academician and jurist in India. Professor Patil send me his review by email, and permitted its posting on this website.


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