Book Reviews: Operation Chaos: A Gripping Action Thriller by Himanshu Rasam

Operation Chaos

Operation Chaos

Author: Himanshu Rasam

Genre: Suspense Thriller, Historical Thriller

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Book Rating

Entertainment Quotient: 7/10

Education Quotient: 7/10

Endorsement Quotient: 7/10

Overall Book Rating: 7/10

Book Review

A bomb blast at Rastrapati Bhavan  followed by the take over of a missile facility by terrorists sparks off a chase. David, a Black Cat commando is brought into action, the president goes under ground and the president’s daughter is pulled into an artifact chase. As the action unfolds, three seemingly independent plots merge to reveal the master mind and his motivation. India’s nuclear program and scientific progress is used well in the novel.

To put it precisely, this novel has all elements of a best seller in the suspense thriller genre. Once it begins, which literally happens to be on the first page, the action does not cease until the end. The protagonist, David, is running all along.

The novel nicely brings out the basic elements of Buddhism and Ashoka’s role in spreading it. The Buddhist philosophy is explained in plain, simple terms with the helpof important historical monuments, events and literature. The book is definitely educative  and enlightening.

If you like suspense thriller novels, enjoy twists, and are looking for a  story filled with action, go for Operation Chaos.


The story is well paced and keeps one interested through out, but narration of historical information and related inferences  are a little heavy on the mind. It would be great if Himanshu can work on this in his next work.

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