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About Pirates of Bollywood

Book 2 of The Arjun Chronicles

Theme: Copyright Piracy and Bollywood Industry

“ … There is suspense, violence, heroism, love, social commitment, humanism, poverty, law, legal analysis, arguments and much more in this novel, which makes it a pleasurable read. The novel has professional value which recommends itself to be read by lawmen (law teachers, law students and advocates) and entertainment value which recommends itself to be read by all.”

-Professor CS Patil, Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law

“But one thing is sure you simply can’t take a coffee break while enjoying the read-more addictive than caffeine! …”

-Jayashree Royy, Book Reviewer

In this action packed novel, Arjun Mamidi goes after pirates in the city of Bollywood, Bombay. Unlike his battle with the pharma industry in ‘EPIDEMIC’, Arjun’s war against the Piracy Mafia is murderous, adventurous and tortuous.

About Arjun Mamidi

Arjun Mamidi is a young IP attorney with a small law practice. Unlike many of his peers, he is honest, forthcoming and fiercely independent. His escapades with powerful adversaries, crafty attorneys and ruthless criminals constitute Dr. Kalyan Kankanala’s Arjun Chronicles.

Arjun is blind, but he neither acknowledges it, nor lets it hold him back. He is assisted by Jose, a capable, reliable and lighthearted ally.

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