Road Humps and Sidewalks- The path less taken
Publisher: Jufic Books, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

new cover front pageIn the tradition of John Grisham and Scott Turow, the intricacies of patent law are woven into an action packed legal thriller. As thousands die from an unknown deadly virus, doctors across the country search for a cure to prevent a full blown epidemic. A team at the premier medical institute, Charaka Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS), identifies the drug effective against the disease after some effort. But their success is short-lived as the unscrupulous multi-national Berminger pharmaceutical corporation deliberately creates artificial scarcity by using their patent on the drug in an attempt to profit from the situation. The government and Indian pharma companies yield to Berminger’s economic muscle and do not come to the rescue of dying patients.

Exasperated with Berminger’s insensitivity and coldblooded attitude towards falling lives, doctors at CIMS decide to take the legal route. They hire Arjun, a young, blind altruistic patent lawyer, who challenges Berminger to fight for the public welfare. Set in Hyderabad, the pharmaceutical capital of India, Arjun clashes in the courtroom with India’s leading patent lawyer and out side the court  with goons and assassins. The battle turns very nasty as dirty tricks and devious tactics pervade  each party’s desire to win.

Does Arjun have the wit and grit to face the challenge?

Can he outsmart the devious tactics of Berminger to save lives?

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