India in Love by Ira Trivedi

India in Love


Author: Ira Trivedi


Reviewer: Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala



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An objective, well researched and enlightening work on the Love and Sexual revolution transforming India.


Truly illuminating and insightful. Highly Recommended.




Overall Rating: 9/10


Entertainment Quotient: 7/10

Education Quotient: 10/10

Endorsement Quotient: 10/10

Expression Quotient: 9/10




This is the best work I have read on the subject of love, sexuality and marriage so far. What makes the book special is Ira’s uncanny ability to simplify the complex web of issues that relate to love and sexuality. Ira’s experiential research has been well integrated in the book with scholarly works, historical events, legal developments, opinions and so on, to not only draw inferences, but also arrive at simple and, honest deductions.


In ‘India in Love’ Ira explores love and sexuality from many dimensions ranging from casual relationships and preferences to marriage and religion. . It is not easy to capture the sexual story of India, which has been swaying between liberalism and conservatism over the years, but Ira does that beautifully. She also   delves into many of the influences that have shaped sexual culture in India today.


Ira writes as if she is speaking with you, and the read is not at all heavy like many works on the subject. You will find yourself thinking aloud, disagreeing with Ira, and wondering if certain issues are really connected when you read the work. Reading this book is like having a discussion on love, and sex over a cup of coffee.


Very highly recommended.


About the Author


Ira hails from an illustrious family of achievers and contributors. She has written three novels, and has recently published a book on Yoga. Ira writes columns and is a yoga acharya.


About Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

Dr. Kalyan is an IP Attorney from Bangalore, India. He writes legal thrillers and short stories.You may request him to review your work by writing to:

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