Release of The Oath (India’s First Medico-Legal Thriller) – When Medicine Clashes with Law


We are happy to announce the release of  Dr. Kalyan Kankanala’s much awaited Medico-Legal Thriller, The Oath. The book was available for pre-order for  a while, and has received excellent advance reviews. You may order the novel at the following sources:


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“The novel is a wonderful depiction of the life of a true doctor who remained loyal to his Hippocratic oath even when every thing was going against him. You have successfully brought to light the sorry state of farmers, lack of opportunities and lack of medical care in rural India in your novel.  Even after 69 years of Independence, rural India is still reeling under the same harsh conditions.  The novel is a strong oscillation between the past and the present yet remains fresh in the eyes of the reader. A good example of your narrative skills! Complicated medical procedures are discussed in a simple manner which throws light on the ground work that is done before embarking on this adventure.”

– Dr. Bhavani Tummuluri

“The Oath is a valiant move by you to touch the sensitive topic of naxalism in India and treading on the thin line of not taking any sides on the issue is a daunting task which you have successfully accomplished. Your fine skills of articulation and incorporation of medical aspects with all the thrillers and a zest of romance and humor into a refined story are beyond commendable.”

– Vishaka Bhosale

“I finished reading the oath. … WOW!!!! I  absolutely loved the book!! I mean wow!! You’ve really got me inspired! What a read! I could barely put the book down! Right from page 1 I was transported to Dr. Krishna’s world.

It’s after a long long time that I have enjoyed a book this much. To be honest the last book i enjoyed in this likeness was the da vinci code by dan brown…. The oath is fantastic and seriously “unputdownable” – the emotion if i could describe in words. “

– Gaurav Mishra

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The Oath

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