The Dravidian – Reviewed by Pavana

Review of The Dravidian:God’s Own Tribe by Pavana

Reading, like writing, is an art and this art is only capable of serving its purpose when the reader gets to immerse themselves in the pages of the books. Paragraphs aren’t a bunch of words cluttered together and words are not mere letters trying to balance themselves on the armature of language. Dr. Kalyan.C.Kankanala’s The Dravidian: God’s Own Tribe belongs to those category of wonderful books that leaves a bitter sweet aftertaste.

The story is a legal battle that unravels between the ancient Dravidian Tribe and the pharma companies of today.For as long as one can remember, the Sanjeevani plant with all its magical powers  got all the protection it needed from the Dravidians. However, their moral sense urges them to pass on this knowledge they possess of the plant to the new pharma companies. What follows next is the implications of a certain set of false promises…

When it comes to the characters of the book, they are ingeniously built through their experiences and the author directs all his creative focus on ‘what’ builds his characters. Arjun is quick to lose his temper and is blind but he sees better than anyone around him. His wife Shreya is an astute paralegal and one among the most intriguing characters in the book. It is also interesting to observe the absorbing manner of their marriage.The consistency the author maintains from the beginning to the end makes it a smooth read for the readers.

What makes the book interesting apart from the nail biting plot line and the characters with all their quirks and eccentricities is undoubtedly the impeccable language. The luminous descriptions transport us to Arjun’s world and the ongoing battle. The Indianness which creeps into the language is intentional and absolutely necessary.  A literary enthusiast  feels as if they are taken to the land of Swift with the skirmishes between the ancient and the modern.The legal terminologies can be a hard nut to crack, however, this is inevitable since the book is a legal thriller and crafting it without the intervention of legal jargons is impossible.

On the whole, the book is a fabulous read for everyone. The originality of ideas is refreshing and  they operate at a deeper level, exposing to the world, the unethical practices, the money grubbing companies of our materialistic world have been doing for long. It is an accurate representation of the conditions we have created and continually reinforce in the society with our never ending chase for ‘paper’. This book is recommended for anyone who enjoys a good adrenaline rush and if you are new to the genre of thrillers, this book is a perfect pick for you. At 179 pages, the book can be read in a sitting. In brief, this book is what one calls, ‘unputdownable’.

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